Fotile Kitchen Hob GLG 60409


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Super firepower upper wind intake technology16.5mj/h burner, 48% thermal efficiency, super firepower, more uniform.Clean and effortless, the most relaxing cooking guaranteed*Tempered glass surface, stylish and beautiful, safe and easy to clean.Burner cleaning, detachable upper air inlet, more convenient to clean the burner.

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1 in stock

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Certification : SAI

Product Size (mm)(W?D) : 610?510

Built-in Size (mm)(W?D) : 560?480

Gas Type : NG/LPG

Gas Pressure (Pa)/Voltage : 1000/2750

Heating Load : L-Upper : 6.4 MJ/hr R-Upper: 6.4MJ/hr L-Down: 16.5MJ/hr R-Down: 2.8MJ/hr

Knob : cylindrical bakelite knob

Grate : cast iron

Net Weight (kg) : 13.8

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